Best lunch break ever.

Best lunch break ever.


Erin Sheets

I believe the best interfaces go unnoticed and the best designs bring us peace. I enjoy hiking an uncharted path, reading a new book and bringing ideas to life.

I believe in bringing my whole self into the work I create.

This includes my unique view of the world, my quirky sense of humor, my high standards, my passion for people, as well as my commitment to living with integrity.

I believe design can improve all aspects of life.  

Life is too short for bad design. Seeing how good design improves business outcomes for my clients is probably the most rewarding part of UX design.  

I believe collaboration is crucial.

Working with people always provides new challenges, it’s also where I grow the most as a designer and as a person.

Products are becoming more complicated in response to an increasingly complex world. No one person can ever have the skills and knowledge to create and use all the tools we need today. That’s where close collaboration becomes a vital asset.

I believe the best of life happens offline.

Though I work in a digital industry, I strive to spend as much time offline as possible. I enjoy the great outdoors, exercise, reading, animals, and most importantly, face-to-face time with friends and family.

That’s just a little about me.

I’d love to learn about you.

Send me a message so we can connect.