Meet Daisy...

Daisy is a local economic trading system that uses a mutual credit system... this probably sounds like gibberish... hopefully the following graphics help to clarify:

Intro 1.png
Intro 2.png
Intro 3.png
Artboard 1@72x.png
Artboard 1@72x.png


When it came to branding this system, I wanted a name that was inviting and different from its competitors. I wanted colors that were fun and playful. And in terms of the language on the website, it had to be clear, simple, and engaging.

For Daisy, we wanted a logo that stood out from the super modern, simple logos that are trending right now.

I wanted something that represented the grass-roots spirit of Daisy.

Colorful Smiley Art.png
social quote.png

Sketch Prototypes

Below are a few Sketch screenshots of different mockups.

Interactive Prototype

To get a better feel of the app, please browse the interactive prototype in Invision: