National Short Track Alliance

When John contacted me he already had an established brand, but needed help creating graphics as well as the website he was envisioning.

I helped John beef up his branding, created several new logos for his subsidiary companies, and created a 30+ page style guide for the NSTA and its subsidiary companies and their graphics. Here's an overview of John's branding:

nsta style guide.png

In addition to graphics and branding, I created John's website, to his exact specifications. The screen shots don't do the site justice, especially given the fact that the homepage header features of a video of whizzing race cars... it's best just to take a look at the site. 

The Indianapolis Business Journal

I've done several projects with the IBJ.

Heuristics evaluation of IBJ website


IBJ Publishing Project

I also conducted all interviews and did the majority of the writing for Beyond Words: Becky and Steve Schenck's Inspiring Story of Faith, Hope, and Love in the Face of Terminal Brain Cancer.

Spot Freight

Spot Freight hired me as to assist with a $5M software application for this fast-growing freight logistics company.

Spot Freight had been working with a group of developers, but there were many inconsistencies that were making their software difficult to use by their employees.

This project was an example of the importance of completing UX research long before writing a single line of code. Unfortunately I was brought on a bit too late in the process, as most of the software had already been developed. However, I was able to suggest ways to improve the user interface to improve the experience for the end users.

This report shows screen designs to improve efficiency and easy of use.

Common Conversation

Created website, copy and brand, etc. for Common Conversation: a News and Opinion Podcast

Artboard 225 copy 4@72x.png

Help out Helen

Help out Helen was an iteration of Daisy before it became Goldee.

These are medium fidelity prototypes that you can explore through Marvel.

Papers, etc.

If you've made it this far through my profile, wow! This stuff must really interest you.

Here's a paper about Fitness Apps that I enjoyed collaborating on in Grad School:

Here's a planner I also created for the School of Science, complete with tips for career preparation while in school:

Here are some reports I created for the Dean in the School of Science:

This is a UX project I completed very early in graduate school:

Here's a calendar I recently designed for Christmas gifts... I like to plan ahead:

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