Jenn Rahe Coaching

When Jenn Rahe first contacted me, she had just graduated from iPEC and was excited to launch her new business coaching executives. She knew a brand and website would play an integral role in establishing a strong client base, but she was discouraged by the quotes she received from design firms asking upwards of $8,000 - $10,000. This was beyond the reach of her new business budget.

At the conclusion of our first phone conversation, Jenn told me how happy she was that she found someone who could build her a compelling brand and website at an affordable price. She was also excited about my process. Jenn explained, "I work best with assignments, so this is going to be perfect for me." 

Shortly after that initial phone call, Jenn and I hit the ground running. She completed my brand workbook, It All Starts with You, and we spent a solid hour reviewing her workbook so that I knew exactly what she needed for her new business. Jenn explained that she takes a common-sense approach to her corporate coaching and she wanted a clean and concise website to reflect this methodology. 

I got to work right away with ideas for her logo. I enjoyed playing with the concept of balance, and Jenn loved it too. Here are the initial logo ideas I sent her way:

Jenn Rahe Logo concepts

Jenn chose the first idea but suggested a few changes. Once her logo, colors and typefaces choices were solidified, we had a style sheet to work off of as I created her website and brand collateral. 


Selfishly, what I enjoyed most with this project is how much I got to write. Jenn understood that she needed copy that focused on her clients, and what's in it for them. As part of her brand collateral, I created a one-page marketing document that explains how Jenn is uniquely suited to help her clients.


In just four weeks, Jenn and I created a brand and website that would make her a sought-after resource for executives and corporations. Jenn was thrilled with the results and so am I. A screenshot never adequately showcases a website, so I encourage you to visit and see the whole site.

Interested in working with me? I'd love to hear from you.