I had the pleasure of supervising Erin as the Design and Communications Coordinator for the Pre-Professional and Career Preparation Office in the School of Science at IUPUI. I can say without a doubt that Erin is one of the best and most capable staff members I have supervised.
— Willow King Locke

Erin completed a biography for my late wife, and I am very pleased with the way she handled the project. We were all thrilled with the quality of her work. The cover Erin composed and designed was spectacular, and really draws the reader into the full story of Jean’s life. It turned out to be a wonderful tribute to my wife and lifelong companion.
— Lark Clark

Erin is a brilliant designer! Her insight, vision and creative process culminated into my ideal design result. Her work is flawless! I highly recommend working with Erin and look forward to collaborating with her on future projects!
— Jenn Rahe

Stephanie Brady
Erin is a true creative genius and upmost professional. We established a great partnership that led to an amazing product that I am proud to use. Hiring Erin was the best decision I made in taking my business to the next level.
— Stephanie Brady

Lindsay Boccardo
Erin is a thoughtful designer and leader. Whenever I start a project, I take a sigh of relief and get excited knowing she’ll do an excellent job bringing my ideas to life in graphics. If you want to connect deeply with your audience, I strongly recommend working with Erin.
— Lindsay Boccardo

Missy Shopshire
Erin has completed several projects for me. Her work is excellent. I find her to be a talented, creative, resourceful, and very responsive collaborator.
— Missy Shopshire

john robbins
Erin got it right from the start. I can’t say that about most of the designers I’ve worked with. She was creative, thoughtful and spot on. I know this will make my website and brand stand out in the crowd.
— John Robbins